The days are getting shorter, the skies over charming Gastown have gotten greyer – and fall fashion is in full effect. Now is the time to catch up on the latest fashion styles – eyewear trends included.

Frames are fairly time less, many shapes can carry you from season to season. That said, just like clothing, certain design features become more or less popular as fashions (and seasons) change – and that’s where we come in. Here are the top eyewear trends from the runway to the streets, this fall and winter.

White or Clear Frames

👓: Etnia Barcelona, combining two of the seasons hottest looks – clear & tortoiseshell frames.

The understated-statement look! Neutral is all the rage, and you’ll see plenty of white or crystal frames that are oversized, square and unisex.

Cat Eye Craze

We’re bringing retro back! Arguably the hottest trend this season, you can rock the cat eye with a bold-coloured frame (burgundy is a smokin’ hot for fall), a classic black, or add fun, distinct embellished details (we are the eyewear embellishment masters!) – and you’ll be right on trend.

Larger Than Life!

eyewear trends cat eye handmade vancouver

👓: Handmade exclusively by our in-house line, MOSHdesigns. We are crazy about cat eyes, & love playing around with bold colours!

Oversized frames pay homage to the sassy 70’s, and are a bold statement that is sure to compliment your favourite fall look. Best matched with an equally bold outfit, make an oversized frame the statement piece to your fall fashion collection.

Wireframe Fab

Simple, sleek and straight to the point. Metal eyeglasses are delicate and inspire elegance. A perfect pair for the office – try a frame in the seasons hottest metallic, gold.

eyewear trends cat eye

👓: Don’t be afraid to sparkle! Fun embellishments for your frames are our expertise.

Bold Colour & Fun Embellishments

We already mentioned gold and burgundy as a hot shades of the season. Make a statement with your frames by playing with colour! Passionate reds, bold blues, emerald greens – or perhaps adding a touch of sparkle, or distinct texture. Adding your own unique touches to any frame is a fun, stylish and amazing way to make a statement during
those cooler months ahead.

On the hunt for a perfect frame? We carry a diverse array of eyewear brands, in addition to our own custom, handmade line – MOSHdesigns. Let us help you find a frame that fits your personal style, and makes a statement!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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