An exciting project is coming out… (Part 1)

There are some days that are really inspiring… and we had one of them last weekend!

We would like to introduce you Shirley Anne, a local Vancouver artist who commissioned a very exciting project!

Shirley Anne is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist and teacher who currently works in drawing, painting, mixed media works, photography, and tapestry. Shirley´s paintings are inspired by the lines of the human body vibrate with dynamic expressiveness, forming a symphony of curves and folds that engages us with their intimate rhythms.  Her studio is located close to our Gastown neighbourhood, at 321 Railway Street.

She came to visit us with a lovely and exciting project: to hand make some eyewear using her art. It can´t sound cooler!

She chose the `Femme Fatale´from our MOSH collection, a sassy cat eye shape, for her new pair of glasses. We printed out her art, then designed this frame template to decide what part of her painting will be captured in the frame. Shirley and Sara discussed different positions on the picture and finally this is what they choose for Shirley´s frame.


For the next step in creating her custom eyewear, we´ll print the image of her art onto a piece of genuine silk and hand laminate it between 2 sheets of crystal clear acetate.

Over the next few weeks we will be blogging about the entire frame making process of Shirley’s eyewear. We are really excited with this project and are proud to work with Shirley and her art.

What piece of art or picture would you print in an eyeframe? Leave us a commentto help us find some inspiration for future projects!

Keep your ‘eye’ out for our next post to see the lamination process…



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