An exciting project is coming out… (Part 2)

Second round!

We’re ready to start to work on Shirley’s frame. During the first step, we chose what part of her painting will be captured in the frame.

To start, Sara took some measurements and cut two crystal clear acetate sheets that we need to make the frame.


We printed the image of Shirley’s art onto a piece of genuine silk thanks to New Leaf Editions. Next, we will laminate the silk between the acetates pieces. At this point, it’s really important to be precise when we lay the silk as we only get one shot at it.  We need to take care of the placement to ensure the correct parts will be captured for the frame.


To prep the acetate pieces we use a special solution, keeping it smooth to avoid bubbles between pieces. It’s necessary to let it settle for a few minutes before laying the silk.


After the silk is laid we put the pieces together and we slowly start to apply pressure. It takes approximately one day in a jack, adding more pressure every hour.  Once it has settled, it then needs to rest for a few weeks to fully harden so we can start to carve out the shape.

When we say we hand make eyewear, we really mean it.  We use only traditional skills that have been practiced over many years to perfection.  No machines are used, just a series of tools and a pair of hands.

The waiting is unbearable!! We are looking forward to seeing how the silk looks between clear pieces… But for now we will need to wait for the next blog update!

Hope you guys are enjoying seeing what we do. Every step is really exciting for us and we’re eager to see the finished frame…

Learn more about how we cut and sand the frame on the next post!

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