An exciting project is coming out… (Part 3)

Ready? Excited about the final result? We can’t wait to share!

In case you missed it – During our first step, Shirley and Sara decided what part of her painting will be captured in the frame. Secondly, Sara worked on the frame, laminating the silk between a pair of acetate pieces with a special solution.

After she applied this solution, we waited a couple of days to let it settle and a couple weeks to be sure that the piece is fully cured.

Looks like the piece is ready to go… Let’s start to carve out the shape! Following our handmade technique, Sara uses a fret saw to roughly cut out the shape.


Next is the filing and sanding process.  The frame needs to be shaped, rounded and contoured to get a smooth, perfect finish.  We used some manual tools to file and sand off the scratches, as this step is key to ensure a successful product. Taking our time to get a fine finish will make polishing the frame easier.


Shirley wants a polished finish on her frame so the colours pop!  We use a polishing wheel for this glossy look.

The final steps include setting in the hinges, adding the temples, and installing the lenses . . . Et voilà!


Woo-hoo! We were looking forward to see this last picture!  Shirley’s art is now perfectly captured on this ‘Femme Fatale‘ frame. We have really enjoyed working on this project and we are really proud of the final result.

Also, we have to say thank you to Shirley Anne, for choosing us as her eyewear provider, we really appreciate her trust. She looks amazing in her new pair of custom design, handmade eyeglasses!

See you on our next post!



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