Wooden Eyewear: 5 Reasons You’ll Love Bome

Experience the beauty and wonder that is the west coast, in wooden eyewear frames from Bome. Eyeland Framemakers is proud to be one of few exclusive locations to carry the brand in store. We are so excited to expand upon the collection with an array of newly designed frames, made just for you!

Just in case you are new to the wooden frame game – here are five awesome reasons you’ll fall in love with a pair of Bome eyewear.

Bome Wooden Eyewear Frames

Bome: Sandy – Tulipwood (Optical Collection)

1. Proudly West Coast

Are you looking for a frame that is symbolic of Northern Pacific culture and crafted from locally sourced products? Look no further – Bome wooden eyewear is your answer! Known for its stunning countryside, outdoor recreation and sustainable lifestyle – each artisanal frame is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon; a mecca for west coast culture, incredible forestry and picturesque landscape.

2. Natural Materials

What we love about Bome is that they create pieces that have a distinctly classic, but earthy vibe. From black walnut, rosewood , amboyna burl, teak to tulipwood – Bome designs their frames from various wooden varieties to create truly unmistakable frames.

Bome Wooden Eyewear Frames

Bome: Moolak – Teak (Optical Collection)

3. Incredible Craftsmanship

 The construction and property adhesives used to produce their wooden eyewear, create a finished product that is incredibly strong and durable. Each frame is tried, tested and true! From sun-drenching to water-soaking. From heat to humidity. Their response to extreme elements have been studied and formulated to ensure each frame is as strong as any other on the market.

4. Comfort

You might be thinking, wooden eyewear… that sounds impractical and heavy. Think again! You’ll be surprised to learn that these frames are incredibly lightweight. They won’t slide down your nose, irritate your ears, or cause any of the classic annoyances of ill-fitting eyewear. Even better, each wooden frame is adjustable, customizable and ruggedly durable to suit your remarkable lifestyle. 

Bome Wooden Eyewear Frames

Bome: Monroe – Rosewood (Sunglass Collection)

5. Wooden Eyewear that is One of a Kind!

Because Bome makes eyewear from wood – each frame is exceptional. Just like a tree – no grain, texture or finish is identical to any other. As makers of our own handmade eyewear, we love that this brand gives you the satisfaction of a frame that is distinctly your own. In other words, work that runway called life in a pair of one of a kind wooden frames!

Bome Wooden Eyewear Frames

Bome: Florence – Maple/Bloodwood (Optical Collection)

At Eyeland, our passion is utterly unique eyewear. This makes Bome and its new collection a welcomed addition to our lovely Gastown shop. Check out their collection online, or stay up to date on Eyelands’ latest looks on Facebook. With frames for both men and women – sunglass or ophthalmic – we’re sure you will find a pair you’ll love. Woodn’t you agree?

Happy frame gaming, Eyeland’ers!

Sara, & the Eyeland team

(Photo Credits: Bome Eyewear)

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