The Cats Meow: Cat Eye Frames

Talk about sassy! Retro fashion is making a comeback, and the cat eye trend is no exception. Now is the time to check out the signature look from our handmade MOSHdesigns collection.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the shape, authentic cat eye frames feature a distinct upswept silhouette, with raised temple edges that give the appearance of feline eyes – totally chic and effortlessly fierce!

What we love about the cat eye is that thanks to their prominent flared outer edges – they have a lifting effect on the face. Offering a perfect, extra “oomph” we all need from time to time… especially after a week of tight deadlines, hectic schedules and little sleep.

Cat Eye - Women's Eyewear Femme Fatale MOSHdesigns

👓 : ‘femme fatale’, by MOSHdesigns. An exclusive, handmade collection – available only at Eyeland Framemakers.

Another awesome, (and possibly surprising perk) about a cat eye is that the look is flattering on all face shapes. For a round, fuller face, we suggest a pair with sharper edges, or thicker frames – this draws attention away from a rounded cheek or fuller jawline. For square faces, opt for a subtle cat eye silhouette with rounded out edges – this makes your features appear softer. Detailing or fun accents look especially nifty on heart and oval shaped faces. By all means, we strongly encourage our clients to play around with variations of this shape. This will ensure a look that suits your unique style, sparkling personality – all while flattering your facial features and structure.

Now that we’ve talked about the frame itself, lets take a look at the history behind the flirty design. In the early post-war era of the 1950’s, technology began to flourish in various parts of production; lens shapes became an area of focus (and fun!) for technicians. Up until this time, glasses game in round shapes because the lenses were – you guessed it – round! But it was time for change….

Elongated lenses became a thing, and cat eyes took off – the rest you could say, is history. Over time, embellishments, chic details and eccentric colour combinations were added – transforming eyewear from merely function, to another fun way of expressing yourself, and making a wicked fashion statement.

The Unapologetically Sexy Cat Eye: ‘femme fatale’ 

Edgy, daring and sexy – our signature cat eye frame vibes exactly as its namesake suggests, and it is handmade exclusively at our Gastown shop. We love the subtle details reflective of a cat eye shape (square shape faces, take heed!) – with softer angles, and distinct edging around the temples; this is a fabulous option for those who are looking for a subtle approach to retro glam. Available in a variety of colour combinations or embellishments, we guarantee a look that satisfies your hearts desire.

Cat Eye Cool: ‘strike a pose’

cat eye - 'strike a pose' womens eyewear MOSHdesigns

👓 : ‘strike a pose’ by MOSHdesigns. An exclusive, handmade collection – available only at Eyeland Framemakers.

This distinct take on the cat eye trend offers a more pronounced, traditional cat eye slant, with a perfect dose of drama. Our happy medium between ‘femme fatale’, and ‘my darling’ (read on to learn more about the aforementioned sleek shape) – this piece is chic, sassy and ready for the runway that is life. Pair with your favourite cocktail dress for a night out, or pencil skirt and blouse for work – this piece offers the very best in exquisite versatility. Perfect this shape with the finer details of your choosing.

 Oh ‘my darling’…. it’s The Perfect Cat Eye!

For those seeking a more dramatic cat eye shape – we’ve designed the ideal frame with you in mind. A higher, sharp-angular lift and dramatic temples take the retro look to a whole new level of fun! A true conversation starter at your next party, or at the coffee shop; these frames are a perfect combination of adorable and glamorous. Just like any of our designs, we can take this shape and create them in the colours, finish and embellishments of your choosing. Oh my!

cat eye - my darling - womens eyewear MOSHdesigns

👓 : ‘my darling’ by MOSHdesigns. An exclusive, handmade collection – available only at Eyeland Framemakers.

The Cats Meow: Art of Handmade

On the search for a particular frame (cat eye or otherwise!), but can’t seem to find it anywhere on the market? We offer entirely made to order services, making your eyewear dreams a reality! Visit our darling studio or take a gander here, to learn more.

UP NEXT: Guys, it’s your turn! Let’s take a peak at eyewear tips and tricks for the modern man. We’ll be showcasing another personal favourite, the ultra-masculine shape from our MOSHdesigns collection, ‘retweet this’. Stay tuned!

In the meantime… here’s to fabulous eyewear and unapologetic sass!

Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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