Colourful Eyewear: Introducing Louis Belgium

We are beyond excited to welcome yet another new collection of colourful eyewear to our Gastown shop! A relatively new brand to the market, LOUIS Belgium offers incredible designer eyewear at an affordable price. Shopping for frames should be easy, fun and exciting! That’s why we are thrilled to include a new brand that embodies our philosophy on the eyewear shopping experience, by offering distinctly stylish looks we love to provide our clients. With one of the most thoughtful colour selection processes in the industry, we know you’ll be just as excited about this collection as we are.

Colourful Eyewear - Louis Belgium

 Colourful Eyewear Creations

Colour is everywhere, and affects our perceptions on the world around us. Did you know yellow is connected with optimism, while orange is considered a cheerful, confident colour. You might not know that purple is perceived as an imaginative and wise shade, while red evokes feelings of as boldness, excitability and youthfulness. Blue is associated with dependability, green with peace, and grey scales evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Studies have shown that 85% of all products are purchased on the basis of colour! Who would have thought? Artists and designers alike have long understood how colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions. A powerful communication tool, colour can be used to signal action, influence mood and even cause physiological reactions. That’s some powerful stuff!

Colour selections are not a task LOUIS takes lightly – they consider the process a science, spending countless hours selecting the perfect shades for their frames. In order to produce the most flattering, colourful eyewear, the brand collaborates closely with Francq Colours; a trend agency that offers insight into colour styles based on technological, sociological, economic and ecological factors. Pretty cool, eh? Each and every look that LOUIS creates, is inspired by a specific theme – evoking a genuine, intriguing vibe for frame-wearers (and their audience!) to enjoy.

For 2016, LOUIS has introduced the colourful eyewear world to five key trends’ that inspire their collections, and subsequent colour schemes:


Colourful Eyewear - Fit Collection Louis Belgium

From hiking the Grouse Grind to running the Vancouver Seawall, staying in shape is an integral aspect of our daily lives. LOUIS has taken an active approach to eyewear fashion, embracing bursts of colour that include fresh tints of yellow, bright blues or greens,  and navy tinted off-blacks.


Colourful Eyewear -Origin Collection Louis Eyewear

Escape the technological, embrace the ecological. This back to basics collection features natural sand, rustic and clay colours – complemented by soft pinks and off-whites.


Colourful Eyewear - Eccentric Collection Louis Belgium

Liberated, excitable, life of the party. Stand out from the crowd in a palette that embraces change! Think metallic gold, bronze tints with hits of flaming red, bright pink or pops of orange. Neutralized by deep blue, green-grey and blacks, this collection is sure to embody your inner free spirit.


Colourful Collection - Clean Collection Louis Belgium

De-cluttered, simplistic, understated beauty. Clean consists of light pastels from butter yellow, peach, soft blue and warm green in combination with touches of pink, grey scales and pine green. Think of your relaxing day at by the beach, in eyewear form.


Colourful Eyewear - Garden Collection Louis Belgium

Adventurous, natural, whimsical. This diverse collection draws inspiration from the great outdoors. With colour combinations that celebrate the sun, the ocean, the forrest – this collection celebrates the stunning shades that can be found in the beauty of our own backyard.

LOUIS Belgium eyewear offers a curiously colourful line of two tone frames that add an exciting dose of fun, with refreshing classic shapes that compliment any face. We are so excited to welcome this new line to our lovely Gastown shop, and inspire our clients to embrace new dimensions of colour in their eyewear. We are proud to carry a diverse selection of LOUIS frames that draw inspiration from all five collections. Visit their webpage to learn more about all things LOUIS, and be sure to stay up to date on our latest and greatest frames by following us on Facebook!

May your eyewear be distinct and colourful!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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(Image Credits: LOUIS Belgium)

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