Trend Alert: Crystal Frames

Crystal frames have been around for many years, but they have just recently gained total popularity in the eyewear world. Being colourless or having only very slight tints, they are almost invisible from a far – but striking up close. We love this versatile trend that suits just about any kind of complexion and outfit. Here’s how to rock ‘em!

  1. Choose the correct shape. Choosing the correct frame is important for every kind of glasses – generally, the ideal frame shape is opposite of your shape face.
    crystal frames vancouver eyeland framemakers

    👓 : Here’s a snap of our Eyeland Framemakers tinting magic!

    Click here for more details for finding your most flattering shape.

  2. Think Neutral! Heavy makeup and clear glasses are a no-go. When you choose to wear your clear glasses, apply lighter makeup to keep the focus on your frames. While clear shades can be rocked in just about any colour, dark clothing will also draw attentionaway from your frames. Lighter looks will bring attention to your face (& your funky new frames!)
  3. Choose a larger frame. Go daring with a crystal frame! A larger design adds to the visibility of the frame on your face. Not to mention, larger frames are also one of the best styles for any face shape.
  4. Consider a tint. Yes, yes … we know this frame is all about crystal frames. But
    tints are a super fun variation of the trend. Think
    Think pale pinks, soft greens or hues of blue. If you’re looking for a hint of colour for your frames, talk to the pros! Drop by our Gastown shop, we’d be happy to chat about your desired look. If you have an old pair of clear frames you’d like to revamp, we can do that too.
  5. Wear them indoors: Transparent frames are not meant to be worn as
    sunglasses. The frame reflects sunlight and the clear lenses expose your eyes to direct sunlight – not a good thing! Indoor events, on the other hand, are perfect for wearing glasses with beautiful clear frames.
crystal frames vancouver handmade

👓 : Crystal frames with tinted temples – entirely handmade by yours truly!

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To frames so fab, they’re crystal clear!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team.

(Photo Credits: Eyeland Framemakers & Pinterest)





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