Eco-Conscious Eyewear: Meet Kuma

eco-conscious eyewear (kuma - womens sunglasses)

Introducing Kuma — The Vancouver based, eco-conscious brand of frames and sunnies that work to protect your eyes, as well as our environment. We love them for their strong local ties, fashion-forward designs and give-back philosophy that makes them so one of a kind. Sustainability has never looked so stylish!

Eco-Friendly Materials.

Kuma prides itself in producing reasonably-priced frames made from ecologically sustainable materials (that also happen to look amazing!). Largely made from bamboo, their frames are created using the globes’ most environmentally sound, self-regenerating resource on the planet. Unlike wood, this unique source is able to re-grow from the same plant at a fairly fast rate. Not to mention, bamboo offers incredible texture and a totally distinct look we love.

What else? All dyes, paints, and metals used to produce their frames are led and nickel free. Even the carrying case is made from recycled bamboo fibres. Hello eco-conscious eyewear, for the fashion forward, frame-wearer!

eco-conscious eyewear (kuma - sunglasses)

46,940 Trees Planted, & Counting!

A collaboration for the greater good. Kuma and non-profit organization ‘Trees for the Future’, have teamed up to plant trees in our most deforested and endangered ecosystems. For every frame you purchase, one tree will be planted in a developing nation. Why? Because trees are vital to our being. They combat climate change, increase our water filtration. They give us oxygen, while cleaning the air we breathe. They conserve energy, prevent soil erosion, provide wood for fuel and construction materials for communities around the world.

Every tree planted is one small but important step towards a brighter future for generations to come, in regions that need our support the most.

What is ‘Trees for the Future’? A foundation that works to establish and support the cultivation and conservation of trees in developing nations across the globe. Visit their website to learn more, or donate to a deserving cause!

Protect your Vision.

Did you know July is UV Awareness month? Sunglasses are an easy solution that makes life more comfortable when enjoying the outdoors – especially during our warm, summer months. They also provide critical protection from the sun’s damaging, ultraviolet (UV) rays. All Kuma sunnies offer polarized lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection – keeping your eyesight safe.

eco-conscious eyewear (kuma - mens sunglasses)

We’re crazy for Kuma, and we want to share in the adoration with our frame-loving clients. Whether your searching for a new pair of sunnies for summer, or looking for a fantastic pair of specs from a brand that supports sustainability and eco-fashion; join us on July 22, 23 & 24! Our Gastown shop will be transformed into an eco-friendly showcase of the brands’ distinct, all-new collection of sunglasses.

For more details on all things Kuma, be sure to check out their website, or visit our event page for more information on our upcoming trunk show. We can’t wait to host you later this month.

Here’s to fashion friendly, eco-conscious eyewear!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

(Photo Credits: Kuma Eyewear)

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