Eyewear Makeup: Rock Your Frames!

Eyewear makeup is a fun and easy way to take your frame-wearing style to the next level. From an everyday look, to evening glamour – the next time you’re getting ready to hit the town and consider reaching for your contacts – just don’t. Like seriously….don’t. Instead, take some advice from the professional eyewear rockers and designers (us!), with our top makeup tips for our fabulous frame-wearers…you!

Eyewear Makeup for a More Fabulous You!

Foundation is Your Friend

Create flawless skin, and remove shadows cast on your face by your frames with a base that matches your skin tone. Blot away any excess foundation to keep makeup from coming off onto your frames – particularly around the bridge of your nose and cheeks, where your glasses rest close to the skin. Lastly, dust on some setting powder – to keep your glasses from sticking to your foundation and removing it when you do decide to take them off.

Keep your Lids Bright

Darker shades will magnify dark undertones around the eyes. For maximum brightness – consider a shimmery accent or highlighter on the brow bone, emphasizing your windows to your soul.

Eyewear Makeup Tips

👓 💄 : Choose your favourite makeup products, put your eyewear on and get the perfect look!

Consider an Eye Shadow Shade that Enhances your Eye Colour

Eyewear makeup is about enhancing your look, and making you feel as fabulous as we already know you are. Bottom line: wear whatever colours it is that you love and make you feel beautiful. If your goal is to really make those beautiful eyes pop, choose a shade that compliments your specific eye colour. Golden shades look amazing on blue and brown eyes, while purple shades can accent green eyes to perfection.

Use An Eyelash Curler!

That extra flip really makes a difference! By curving them upwards with the help of this simple, inexpensive tool, it really helps make those beautiful peepers look bigger and brighter. If you are blessed with longer eyelashes (we’re totally jealous!), a curler will also prevent them from hitting the lenses of your frame.

Bold Eyewear? Bolder Eyeliner

This will add enough contrast in all the right areas for frames that are particularly dominant on the face, maintaining that definition around the eyes. Consider a gel eyeliner, as they are easier to apply, have a bolder effect, and stay in place. Don’t forget mascara!


Daring Lips

Sometimes its fun to switch things up! If you are opting for a more neutral eye shadow, consider saving the bright and bold colours for you lips. Pretty in pink? Mysterious violet? Sexy siren red? Fun lips are a totally chic way to compliment your fabulous eyewear, and balance out your face.

Wearing eyewear doesn’t mean you need to give up on your makeup routine – rather, a fun excuse to experiment with different looks to compliment your frames, and your personal style!

So go forth, and enjoy – because at the end of the day, its just makeup, and makeup is meant to be fun!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team.

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