Get Framed! The Top 5 Hottest Mens Eyewear Trends

Men of all ages, professions and styles are embracing eyewear. Whether you sport a pair of glasses for the style, or for functionality – why not find a frame that satisfies both needs? Because eyewear has become a great addition to any look; countless shapes, colours and designs have been developed. We get that sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect pair. Lets narrow the list and take a look at the top 5 hottest mens eyewear trends.

#1. Timeless Vintage

Mens Eyewear Trends - Retro

Eyewear your grandpa wore, but with a fresh, modernized twist. Think keyhole bridges, thicker frames, wire accents and rounded panto shapes. Blending a retro frame with a modern outfit produces an incredible vintage look and adds stylish yet refined personality. Very dapper.

#2. Minimalism

Mens Eyewear Trends - Minimalism

Monochrome styles featuring black, white or grey are an easy and versatile way to embrace this trend. Try a black frame, with a cool shape or subtle embellishment. Keeping it simple on the color, frees you up to get more adventurous with patterns and shapes.

#3. Laissez-faire

Mens Eyewear Trends - Laissez Fair

This trend is for the bold, fearless trendsetters. No need to go completely crazy in order to embrace this trend (but it’s totally cool if you do!) – think bright colours, ombre effects, bolder shapes and embellishments, or attributes there of. This look is awesome for sunglasses, too!

#4. Wayfarer 2.0

Mens Eyewear Trends - Wayfarer

This consistently popular look is getting an upgrade – with a subtle curvature at the nose. Look for thick black or tortoiseshell designs for a classic appeal and dapper style. You can’t go wrong with a timeless wayfarer!

#5. Heavy Metal

Mens Eyewear Trends - Metal frame

Stainless steel and titanium frames remain a popular design, with professional looking metal half-rim styles leading the pack. Available in a multitude of shapes – these frames are a subtle,effortlessly timeless everyday look that compliment many face shapes.

Life is too Short for Boring Glasses.

Mens Eyewear Trends - New Marketing!

While we fully embrace the trends, we like to add some imaginative twists on our frames to create a completely unique look. There is no requirement to fit into a specific style, and the great thing about eyewear is you can incorporate elements of various trends to achieve your perfect look.

At Eyeland Framemakers, we carry a finely curated selection of distinctive eyewear brands with fun prints, mixed textures, and various finishes in classic to bold shapes. We also produce our own exclusive collection of MOSHdesigns frames – completely handmade, custom designed in our Gastown studio. For an entirely made-to-order look, you can choose your desired shape, colour combination, and finishing touches for your frame – and we’ll make it a reality.

Drop by our Gastown shop for our vast selection of eyewear, expert advice or to learn more about how you can design your own eyewear.

Here’s to finding your perfect frame!

– Sara & the Eyeland Team

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