Ladies Eyewear: Top 5 Trends for 2016!

We adore this time of year. It’s a time of reflection and reinvention – we build upon what’s working, and modify what isn’t. For the style world, a new year often comes with fresh trends. Every 365 days, we can’t wait to see how the eyewear fashion story unfolds. Here’s our very own sneak peak into the top five ladies eyewear trends for 2016 – surefire looks to keep you on top of the frame game for months to come!

#1. Au Natural.

Ladies Eyewear Trends - Natural Hues

Image credit: Star Style, Harper’s Bazaar

Calming colours, natural hues in tones of dusty grey, pale pink, and soft blue evoke a clean, understated beauty and simplicity. Try a frame in a feminine pastel, or even a fun wood texture. Such a look is sure to make a perfect ‘everyday’ pair that will compliment any wardrobe.


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#2. Pretty in Pink.

Ladies Eyewear Trends - Pink Eyewear

Image credit: Pop Sugar, In Style

Rose quartz is going to be the HOT shade for Spring 2016 and we are tickled pink. Various shades of rose will be everywhere, so why not embrace the trend in your eyewear? There’s no need to go all-out pink (although you certainly can!). Try partial rim frames, brow-line detailing, or pink-tinted lenses that embrace the look in a more subtle, equally as fun manner.

Ladies Eyewear Trends - Pink MOSHdesigns Eyeland Framemakers

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#3 Luminous Acetate.

Ladies Eyewear Trends - Acetate Frames

Image credit: Fashion & Style, Just Jared

Acetate frames – in a variety of hues, shapes and degrees of transparencies – continue to dominate the eyewear frame game for 2016. Such a product is known for its highly durable, exceptionally lightweight nature, making all kinds of looks achievable. These frames have been modernized for the new year to include soft, muted colours that add a feminine appeal, and a fabulous statement for your chic wardrobe.


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#4. The Cat’s Meow.

Ladies Eyewear Trend - Cat Eye Frame

Image credit: OK Magazine, Star Style

Glamorous, timeless and oh so chic – the cat eye frames are making an enormous comeback in 2016. With modern touches, embellishments and crisp colours – this trend is an fun ultra-feminine statement.

Ladies Eyewear Trend - MOSHdesigns Eyeland Framemakers Cat Eye

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#5. Keep it Curvy.

Ladies Eyewear Trends - Round Frames

Image credit: InStyle, The Zoe Report

Circular frames are a go-to look for the months ahead. Round frames in combination with bold patterns, animal prints and fresh colours achieve a sense of edgy sophistication. Black and white, high contrast combinations, wire frames and modern interpretations of classic tortoiseshell are among the hottest designs.

Ladies Eyewear Trends - Round Frames Eyeland Framemakers Traction

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Bottom line: Find what works for you! No sense embracing a trend, if you don’t feel comfortable showing it off. Play around with different styles, designs and patterns in order to find what works best for you, and your personal style. Lust-worthy eyewear begins with the frame itself, and truly takes off upon the confident woman wearing it!

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Here’s to a stylish 2016!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

P.S. We haven’t forgotten about the guys! Be sure to check out our selections for the Mens Top 5 Eyewear Trends, too.

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