The Perfect Frame: Top 5 Mens Eyewear Tips

There’s a traditional school of though that says mens glasses should be as unobtrusive as possible. Wearing the thinnest wire frames to vanish into your face and remove them from the visual impression altogether is such old school thinking. We embrace the idea that eyewear is as much of an expression of style as a cool necktie, sophisticated watch or fun pocket square design. Here’s our five best mens eyewear tips to make the most of your look, with a pair of wicked frames!

Our Top 5 Mens Eyewear Tips

 #1. Find your Perfect Fit

Ensuring a comfortable fit is arguably, one of our best mens eyewear tips – and our area of expertise! Sure, those
horn-rimmed tortoise glasses may look cool on the shelf (or online), but what’s the point in falling love with a pair of frames if they don’t even fit your face properly? They’re only going to become a major an

mens eyewear tips - MOSHdesigns

👓 : Ensuring the perfect design & fit for one of our handmade, MOSHdesigns frames.

noyance, slipping down the bridge of your nose or making your head ache. The perfect pair of optical glasses will rest comfortably on your nose, and their temples should cling over the top of your ears without causing any indentations. Fit is everything!

 #2. Don’t be afraid to Invest

Not only will you get tons of wear out of the right pair of frames – making the investment worth it – but cheap alternatives lack the quality, longevity and protective strength of their more expensive counterparts. Do your research, and find a frame that is within your budget while ensuring you won’t be hunting for a new frame a couple months down the road.

 #3. Try before you buy!

Have an open mind and test out different styles in person. You might be surprised what works (or doesn’t) for your style and face shape. Fun shape varieties aren’t just for the ladies, guys too can play around with different looks they can feel confident about.

Watch out for the ‘but, everyone else is wearing it’ trap. Your next frames have the chance to become a signature of your personal style, so don’t fall for clichés.

#4. Consider the colours.

Your frames should compliment your hair colour and skin tone without clashing, competing for attention, or dulling their natural appeal. Black is always great for highlighting and outlining your eyes, but it’s up to you how much of statement you want your glasses to make.

 #5. Flatter your Face Shape.

Round? Square? Oblong? Heart Shaped? Rectangular? This is where things can get tricky – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Learn how to find the perfect frame for your face shape, here.

mens eyewear tips - MOSHdesigns handmade frames

👓 : ‘retweet this’, by MOSHdesigns. An exclusive, handmade collection – available only at Eyeland Framemakers.

Try this: Take a selfie! Show a picture of yourself wearing your potential new frames to someone you trust, and ask their opinion. Dare to share? You could even post the pic on Instagram or Facebook, and let your audience decide.

Best of the best: ‘retweet this’ 

Check out one of our favourite go-to styles for the guys, (entirely handmade by yours truly!) in our Gastown shop! We love that its masculine, rectangular shape is incredibly flattering on a variety of face shapes. Made from acetate, this frame is incredibly lightweight, durable and can be made to order with your choice of colour combinations, finishes and fit.

UP NEXT: Stay tuned, as we delve deeper into the process of creating our unique, handmade eyewear!

We hope our top five mens eyewear tips will help you find your next perfect frame! Any questions? Be sure to pop by our shop and we would be happy to offer personalized advice.

Happy frame-shopping!

Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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