Giving your eyewear a new look: Idea 1

Your prescription hasn’t changed.

You love the shape of your current eyeglasses.

But, there is something… some tweak or variation that you know will revitalize your eyewear!

Not ready to invest in a new pair of glasses just yet? Maybe you just need to get a little more life out the pair you already have and love! We call it “The Magic of Refurbishing”! Here at Eyeland there are myriad ways to give a new look to your beloved eyewear and help you find that new look you’re dreaming of!

Idea 1: A New Colour


Eyewear Refurbishing Idea: Tinting your eyeframe - Giving your eyewear a new look

👓 : The colour options are almost infinite at Eyeland! Take a look to our wide selection of colour samples, we are sure you will find your beloved one. Looking for a custom colour? Drop by our Gastown shop, we’d be happy to chat about your desired look!

Adding or mixing colours is one creative solution to make your pair seem brand new.

Do you have a metal frame? There are option for re-coloring it, making it look smoother, shinier and good as new.

Is your frame made of plastic acetate? Well, then the colour spectrum is almost infinite! Choose your base colour and mix different tints until it’s perfect. Fun, right?








We can’t wait to hear your ideas for your perfect eyewear! Book today your consultation or drop by our lovely Gastown shop to research some ideas for giving your eyewear a new look.

NEXT UP: We’ll be showcasing another refurbishing ideas on our next blog updates, like giving your eyewear a new look with a texture adjustment. Stay tunned for some extra inspiration for your eyewear!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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