Giving your eyewear a new look: Idea 2

Welcome back to our Eyewear Refurbishing Ideas series!

We are offering you more options than ever to tweak or revitalize your beloved pair of frames.

Introducing the magic of refurbishing! While you may not be ready to invest in a new pair of glasses, introducing a few touches here and there can add more life to your favourite pair of frames.

Eyewear Refurbishing Idea 2: A New Texture

Let us create a new and unique texture, from silky smooth to rough and rugged. When we modify the surface of an acetate frame we can even also play with minor colour variations, making the magic of refurbishing even more exciting!

Eyewear Refurbishing Idea: a new texture for your frame - Giving your eyewear a new look

👓 : Spot the difference! This shinning polished frame had a little of bit of the magic of refurbishing. We gate it a satin matte finish, looking like brand new! 🌟

Eyewear Refurbishing Idea: a new texture for your frame - Giving your eyewear a new look

👓 : Polished or matte? Why not an asymmetrical finish, halh-polished / half matte?

Thinking on a matte finish? Well, we have the latest and greatest options for you! Choose your favourite version of the coolest look in town: a satin, rough or partial matte.

Or maybe you want to treat your frame with a re-polishing to make it shinny and fabulous again?

Feeling bold? Go asymmetrical with a half-polished/half-matte finish – your frames are sure to become the talk of the town!





We can’t wait to hear your ideas for your perfect eyewear. Your perfect frame is our end game!
Book your consultation or drop by our lovely Gastown shop to bounce ideas for giving your eyewear a new look.

NEXT UP: All things refurbishing – continued! Give eyewear a new look with our amazing finishing touches. 

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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