Retro Vintage Eyewear: Meet FUNK Food

A new dimension of retro vintage eyewear has just reached Eyeland Framemakers.

Unrestricted. Youthful. Edgy. Introducing FUNK Food Eyewear, we feed your face.

Retro Vintage Eyewear 1 - FUNK Eyewear Acetate

Sara – our head honcho, frame maker and licensed optician, visited an optical show in the heart of beautiful Munich, earlier this year. The International Trade Show for Optics and Design, Opti, turned out to be an amazing destination to further our quest for inspirational, retro vintage eyewear. In awe of the brands edgy shapes, fun colour combinations and youthful energy – we knew FUNK would a perfect addition to our already distinct lineup of eyewear collections.

Retro Vintage Eyewear 2 - FUNK frames (metal)

Retro Vintage Eyewear: FUNK-y Meets Fresh

FUNK is one of very few, small, independent spectacle labels in the world. Founded back in 1992 by the eponymous label founder and designer, Dieter Funk, the brand is proud to produce eyewear that is free from conformity and labels.

Retro Vintage Eyewear 2 - FUNK Frames (Acetate)

FUNK FACT: FUNK eyewear names all of their frames after food, which is probably the only thing we love more than unique eyewear! This distinct feature has inspired their slogan, ‘we feed your face’.  How delicious!

Retro Vintage Eyewear - FUNK Eyewear (Metals 3)

FUNK currently has four stores in Germany, with a new location to open in, arguably, the of the fashion capital of the world ….. (drumroll,please!)…. Paris, France. With the ultimate goal of harmonizing modern design with retro vintage eyewear features, the brand has been targeting top fashion-forward hot spots around Europe. We are honoured to offer their collection, exclusively in our cosmopolitan Gastown neighbourhood.

As spotted on the hottest runways, and on the eyes of the most renowned fashion icons, eyewear has become a must-have accessory for both guys and gals. Sporting specs and sunnies is the perfect way to play up your peepers while giving your confidence, (and virtually any outfit!) a boost. FUNK pairs trendsetting elements found in the eyewear fashion world, with retro vintage inspired looks – to awe-inspiring, paradoxical perfection. From cat eyes to wayfarers, acetates or metals, to an eclectic mix of matte finishes with sparkly details – you are sure to find a design that suits your unique vibe.

Retro Vintage Eyewear 1 - FUNK frames (metal)

Check out all that FUNK has to offer, by visiting their website. Prepare for an edgy energy and unrestricted inspiration – you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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(Image Credits: FUNK Food Eyewear)

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