Spectacular Specs: Our Interview with Susan & Alicia

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, sunshine-filled Saturday afternoon to wander the charming streets of Gastown with two of our long-time clients, Susan and Alicia. The mother-daughter duo has accumulated quite the fantastic collection of eyewear over the years, so we thought we’d chat with them about their experience at Eyeland Framemakers, and learn a little more about their amazing frames!

How did you first discover us?

S. We first discovered Eyeland, when it started out at the Kids Market on Granville Island. My daughter, Alicia, needed a pair of glasses and we decided to head upstairs to check it out, now we just keep coming back! I would never go anywhere else after the experience we have had with Sara. She is fantastic to work with, very passionate about her work, and has a knack for choosing just the right pair of glasses for you.


Susan, & her daughter Alicia pose for a photo in front of Gastown’s beloved statue, Gassy Jack. 

Just how many pairs of glasses do you have from Eyeland Framemakers?

S. Believe it or not – I have thirteen pairs, including a new set that Sara is designing for me right now. Out of the thirteen, four are from Eyeland‘s exclusive line, MOSHdesigns’. That tally includes my latest pair that I can’t wait to wear!

A. I’m up to eleven pairs, including a new pair Sara is also designing for me, as well. Three sets are MOSHdesigns’, including the latest one I am having custom designed. Each pair is so unique and such an awesome statement piece – they complete any outfit.


No two pairs are alike! We love how each frame is truly distinct from the others.

If you had to choose, which one is your favourite pair from your collection?

S. I can’t pick just one! They are all very different styles and shapes, which compliment my everyday lifestyle. All of them are so fun to wear, and I love to create outfits based around them. Each one of my glasses makes a statement, whether it is my matte orange ones, or my turquoise pair, or my cat eyes – they are all perfect for me, and a reflection of my personality.

A. If I had to pick just one pair, it would have to be my red ones. At first they were a pair that I would not have naturally chosen for myself, but when I tried them on, I just had to have them. Now they are the ones that I wear the most because they are my statement piece that goes with everything. I just love their versatility, even with such a bold colour – it’s surprising just how many outfits I can coordinate with them. Of course, I do love all my other glasses as well, but if you’re making me choose – the red ones are my fave!


Mountains, sea and sky – what a spectacular view of sunny Vancouver.

What is your favourite thing about custom eyewear?

S. I love that the finished product is a reflection of your individuality. You can choose the colour, finish and shape that you believe best compliments your personal style. When you have the finished product, you know they are unique to you, and nobody else has them …. which feels amazing. The other best part is that you have the opportunity to work with the most friendly and amazing designer in the world, Sara – she’s the best!

A. I love that you can create something that is precisely the way you want it! That’s hard to find these days in the fashion world. I also love working with such an amazing and fun-loving designer that helps you create something awesome, and made just for you. The experience from start to finish at Eyeland is unique, and enjoyable.


A perfect pair – calls for a quick snap on the beautiful streets of Gastown. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing clients, Susan and Alicia, who were more than willing to spend their sunny Saturday afternoon exploring Gastown with us, and discussing their fabulous eyewear. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, at Eyeland Framemakers, for a complete video of our day with this wonderful duo!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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