Sunglass Season is here!


Salt-Sunglasses-440x105It’s official: summer has arrived in Vancouver.  The bath of vitamin-D we’ve had lately has gotten everyone starting the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses.  I always have clients asking me which type of lens is better:

Polarized vs Regular Sunglasses?

All of our sunglasses have UV protection.  All quality brands will.  I think we all understand the importance of UV protection these days, and I found this great quote from stylist Rachel Zoe:

“It goes without saying that a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is an essential in any wardrobe, any day of the year, or you can do damage to those pretty eyes. They’ll also keep you from squinting, which causes wrinkles and is never a good look. But a pair of sunnies at-the-ready can do so much more. Big sunglasses camouflage a late night. They’re great when you need to hide for any reason, if you’re tired, or if you’re not in the mood to be social. They make a heck of a better statement than a grumpy face or bloodshot eyes and tend to work on most facial shapes.”

You can get more creative with regular sunglasses as they have a wide range of tint colors to choose from.


However, if you find yourself still squinting with your sunglasses on, it is probably from the killer glare that reflects off of water, glass (windshields) or metal (chrome) surfaces.  A polarized lens will have UV protection and will also eliminate this reflected glare.

The drawbacks of polarized lenses are that is does make seeing LCD screens tough (iphones and navigational systems).  And with some sports, you actually want to see the glare.  For example, golfers can see water traps much easier as it’s usually the glare reflected off the surface that is what makes them visible at a distance.

So when choosing your sunglasses, neither is better than the other.  Ask yourself what you want them for. The best solution is to always have a variety to choose from in your arsenal of sunwear.  Then you’ve got all of your bases covered.


Happy Summer!



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