Unique Eyewear at Eyeland: Introducing Monoqool

We are proud to introduce a new line of unique eyewear to our established collection of frames. Created in Denmark, Monoqool strives to create innovative, lightweight eyewear for clients who seek comfortable, long lasting frames. If you’re looking for a durable frame that won’t sacrifice impeccable style, this is the brand for you! Here’s our story on how we’ve just become that much qool’er at Eyeland Framemakers, thanks to our wonderful new friends at Monoqool!

Unique Eyewear - Monoqool 1

Image credit: Monoqool

Unique Eyewear: The Monoqool Inspiration

What galvanized our desire to add this collection to our finely curated selection of unique eyewear? Recently, our lady boss, licensed optician + maker of hand-created eyewear, Sara, made the trek over to stunning Munich for an optical trade show, Opti. She was drawn to the classic shapes, lightweight and durable nature of the Danish brands designs. Their 3D printing techniques resonated strongly with her – something so unique seemed like a frame-worthy fit at Eyeland Framemakers.

The Monoqool story begins in 2009, when the brand introduced the eyewear industry to its truly unique, patented spiral hinge frames. The result? A no-screws collection of eyewear, which has won several international design awards for its incredible technology and customizable fit. To date, Monoqool has taken innovative design to all-new heights with its 3D printed IQ series – a truly revolutionary method of designing and making eyewear in Denmark.

Unique Eyewear: The Monoqool Features

Eyeland Framemakers has launched its connection with Monoqool, by carrying the IQ series of frames. The frame alone weights only around 10 grams, making the thought of wearing glasses all day long a totally blissful experience! Such a frame weighs 30% less than average, featuring adjustable nose pads and end tips to fit your face flawlessly. The hinges are screw-less (with zero soldering points), which increases its durability – and its temples are titanium, adding to its incredible, weightless feel.

Have you ever heard of a brand that utilizes 3D technology to create their frames? Monoqool takes advantage of the most technologically advanced, industry level 3D printers available. After several hours of printing, their SLS 3D printer (Selective Laster Sintering) magically transforms a unique design from white polyamide powder, into a completely wearable frame. The result is one of the most innovative frames in the industry, with a delicate yet sturdy finish that is incredibly durable, lightweight and stylish.

Unique Eyewear: Our Eyeland Passion

Unique Eyewear - Monoqool 2

Image credit: Monoqool

We are so excited to incorporate an influential piece of the Denmark eyewear industry within the walls of our Gastown, Vancouver shop. You’ll fall in love with the distinct frames for both men and women that this brand has to offer our clients. For more insight into the incredible designs, see the Monoqool collections we carry – and stay in touch with our social media for updates on the latest collections of unique frames.

Here’s to unique eyewear, and staying on top of the frame game….always!

– Sara, & the Eyeland Team

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