<>Wooden Eyewear from Portland, Oregon


BOME Eyewear Pop-in Shop

Experience the magic and beauty of the west coast with BOME wooden eyewear


Come and join us! We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a BOME Eyewear Pop-In Shop at our Gastown store until Monday, March 27!

Straight from Portland, Oregon, each frame is a statement of art and impeccable craftmanship. Classic styles that fuse with natural beautiful materials, creating timeless and extraordinary eyewear.


Only until March 27!

Visit our store at hour regular hours and experience the Earthy vibe with BOME Wooden Eyewear!



Bome manufactures and designs wooden eyewear and sunwear for lifestyle, recreation and leisure. Their lightweight, durable frames are designed for your life and engineered to last. Their design philosophy is to create styles that are simple and classic and build them out of nature’s beautiful materials. Their frames are able to fit a wide range of prescriptions and can be adjusted to achieve a custom fit. Bome takes great care to deliver a durable and beautiful product and their success is based on decades of product development and manufacturing experience. This collection produces an outcome that melds nature, form and function.