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Using only hand techniques, at Eyeland Framemakers we offer offer our one-of-a-kind custom eyewear designs. The creation process requires professionalism, lot of measurements to guarantee a perfect finishing and all of our love. These are the step that you need to follow to design your totally-custom handmade eyewear.

1. Tell us what you have in mind. Sometimes you’ll have an idea of what you’d like your frames to be like, sometimes you’ll find something in our store that we’ll use a guide or inspiration for your custom frames. We take detailed measurements and take your picture to establish the frame dimensions.

2. Explore the materials. We use a material called acetate to make our frames. We use the best kind of acetate — cellulose acetate — made from natural cotton fibres. It is easy to adjust and feels soft on the face (not stiff like an injection mold frame). If you are looking for something more exotic, we can also craft a frame using genuine horn. Choose your favourite colour or pattern to create your frame.

3. Try the prototype. We create an outline of your frame. Sometimes, minor changes are made from the initial sketch to accommodate things like hinges size or prescription and lens thickness. We decide what hinges we’re going to use and what the temples will look like. We create a computerized drawing, then mock up a sample so you can see the dimensions and shape and give us any final comments.

4. Refine your design. Once approved – we start to create your frame. The sketch of the front and temples gets transferred onto the acetate piece and cut out of the acetate you’ve chosen.

5. File, sand and shape.  The most time consuming part of the frame making is filing and sanding. Symmetry is essential on this step. This process requires great patience and skill. Any detail work is done in this step as well.

6. Assemble components. After an initial polish, we add the hinges and engravings, assemble and adjust the frame. We check the measurements and make sure everything looks perfect. Now you can see the finished frame and check the fit on you. We make any necessary adjustments and take the measurements for the lenses.

7. Final polish and install lenses. Your lenses are then ordered and installed. A final polish is done on the frame and a last quality control check is done. You now have a pair of unique custom frames, designed and built entirely for you!


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