Etnia Barcelona Pop-In Shop

Discover the newest Etnia Barcelona Collection, the colour-experience eyewear culture.

We are proud to announce that, until the end of 2017, Eyeland Framemakers will be hosting an Etnia Barcelona Pop-In Shop at our Gastown store. This an unique shopping experience, an opportunity to meet the whole collection and see different styles in a variety of colours. Experience today the truly Barcelona City Vibe and let this Collection fill all your senses.


The ultimate colour experience

Etnia Barcelona is art, colour, creativity, light. It’s Barcelona, it’s culture, it’s quality. It’s all the people who make it possible and the Mediterranean culture that envelopes all of it.

Etnia Barcelona’s creations are produced in natural acetate, a material made from cotton that is known for its comfort and malleability. The brand trusts its partners to design and manufacture the entire range of textures and colours for each season. The result is exhaustive control of the process from the start, with the materials, to the end, with the finished product.


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