Mosh Framemakers


Mosh Framemakers

New Look! New Name! MOSH has taken over!

Same great products and wonderful staff. We have rebranded to become Mosh Framemakers with a focus on special eyewear that is one of a kind, just like you!


In 1994, our business was born on Granville Island.  Our original business name initially was “Eyeland Framemakers”, and being on Granville Island, the name was quite clever!  Granville Island was where our Head Honcho and Lead Framemaker Sara Moshurchak, really made a name for herself as Canada’s only maker of handmade eyewear. (Let alone one of 3 female framemakers in the entire world!)

On Granville Island, we had a very small and cozy space in the Net loft building for 20 years. Although we carry many other unique collections from across the world, what really separated us from any other optical shop, was making our one of a kind tailored handmade eyewear. Sara’s number one mission, was to keep crafting and designing.  However, with all of her amazing ideas, we were bursting at the seams in our small space in Granville Island.

With time, sweat, and a lot of love…we flourished! Our reputation for quintessential eyewear was becoming widely known across the world!  It was time to expand and change with our new growing success.  Sara had made the big decision to leave Granville Island, to find a new larger space in our home of Vancouver.

Smack in the middle of one of Vancouver’s oldest cities, we found a huge new space in the heart of Gastown. With 1200 square feet, we now had the room and capacity to make Sara’s vision…. become a reality!

Now, 4 years at our new location, we are ready to branch off from “Eyeland”, and become our true identity….MOSH!! Mosh is a play on our head honcho Sara Moshurchak’s last name: while she was growing up no one could ever pronounce “Moshurchak” correctly so, throughout Sara’s life she has been known by “MOSH”.

Mosh Framemakers create handcrafted, artisanal, bespoke eyeglass frames.  At this very moment, right here, a team of Canadian optical elves, under the direction of Sara, are fashioning one of a kind, custom eyeglasses. If you want something special to frame your beautiful, unique face, you are in the right place!

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