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Handmade (with love) in Vancouver

Fifteen years ago, Sara Moshurchak began working and apprenticing with Granville EYELAND Framemakers, a 20 year old company making 100% borne, bred, designed, and crafted eyewear in Canada.  In 2008, Sara purchased EYELAND and, in turn, became one of three female frame makers in the world to be personally handcrafting eyeglass frames.

Established by Sara herself, the brand MOSHdesigns, is the sole true, entirely hand-made eyewear line produced in Canada, and is available exclusively at EYELAND Framemakers. Sourcing small-batch materials from the finest factories in Italy, and offering one-of-a-kind shapes, customized to individual clients, MOSHdesigns is truly unique in offering a service and item that is literally one of a kind.

MOSHdesigns are unique and totally custom eyewear designs, built entirely from clients’ preferences. The material that we use to create these frames are exclusive acetate pieces, offering one-of-a-kind eyeframes.

Each eyeglass frame is handmade. There are no computerized machines, no assembly lines, not a single piece isn’t crafted by Sara Moshurchak.

All MOSHdesigns can be found at our store in Gastown | Vancouver, BC.

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