Custom & Bespoke Eyewear - Handmade in Vancouver

The process of creating a bespoke frame is the act of bringing out that which is in your mind’s eye, by using your words to speak it into something tangible and real. Hence, bespoke eyewear is eyewear that has been “bespoken” into being.

Many hear the word “bespoke” and instantly think of fashion made for a specific person. But bespoke is not about the piece itself—it’s about the process. You’re not just purchasing a frame. You’re actually beginning a process where we can author the story of how you want to be perceived. Bespoke doesn’t involve a menu, and it doesn’t have any restrictions. It’s a process that is completely customized to each and every client.

Everyone has a cool story and I am so honoured to be able to create such special things for my clients.  Below are some of the people we have had the pleasure to make bespoke eyewear for, and their stories…

dog hair eyewear custom eyeglasses

Dog Hair Eyewear

This is Tracy and LilLou.

Tracy and her partner own a dog grooming business and while we were talking about that, I got the idea to take the clippings from LilLou’s next trim and laminate them into a frame for Tracy!

I get my inspiration from people.  I love listening to stories about their lives, loves, jobs… it will spark an idea and then it can go wild from there.

A wonderful way to honour a woman’s best friend.

Custom & Bespoke Eyewear - Handmade in Vancouver

Prairie Wheat Eyewear

These were commissioned by Joey for his fiancé, Sandra.  He wanted her to have something special for their upcoming wedding and explained to me the significance of this piece:

Her family has a farm in Saskatchewan and her father had recently passed away.  So he wanted to send us some of the wheat from the farm to press into the frame so her father could be with her as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

Joey attended to all of the details: he designed this shape for her and wanted the final frame to have a rosé-champagne hue.  Stunning.

It was an honour to make such a sentimental piece.  One of my favourite projects.  This is the email he sent me when he received them:

I’m sure we are in agreement when I say eyeglasses are a necessary medical device.  However, after seeing the frame you crafted for Sandra, for our wedding, I must say for the first time I’m speechless.  There is such an elegance about them.  The lenses are in the process of surfacing so we wait excitedly to see the complete piece.  Never before have eyeglasses had such a profound meaning.  A monolithic sentimental value.  There could not be a greater tribute to the man who helped give the world the most wonderful woman.  Sandra.  My Sandra.
Thank you on behalf of Sandra and myself.  Please pass on these words to everyone involved.  In fact, the words “thank you” isn’t enough.  It is like trying to fit all of the water in the world into a tea cup.
Joey & Sandra”
Custom & Bespoke Eyewear - Handmade in Vancouver

Eyewear with Original Art

Shirley Anne is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist and teacher who currently works in drawing, painting, mixed media works, photography, and tapestry. Shirley´s paintings are inspired by the lines of the human body vibrate with dynamic expressiveness, forming a symphony of curves and folds that engages us with their intimate rhythms.

She came to visit us with a lovely and exciting project: to hand make some bespoke eyewear using her art!

She chose the `femme fatale´from our MOSH collection for her new eyewear. We decided what part of her painting to capture in the frame and then got busy creating her personalized eyewear.

Wedding Sunglasses

“I Do” Eyewear

The perfect accessory for someone’s special day and a fun way to extend the life of a cherished gown!

I got this idea when I met a custom wedding designer in the studios upstairs and was inspired as I saw all of the scraps of lace on the floor.  I like using materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Custom & Bespoke Eyewear - Handmade in Vancouver

A Difficult Fit Made Easy

Tom was unable to find a frame to fit.  His bridge is very high and his brow is low.  As you can imagine, nothing off-the-rack worked and he wanted something fun as this was his first pair of bespoke eyewear.  He found us online, came in for a consultation and we were able to make him something special.

We ended up making a frame that needed a 29 dbl bridge and a pair of 165 temples.

He is sure happy with it!

Custom & Bespoke Eyewear - Handmade in Vancouver

A Replication Piece with a slight Modification

Meredith has been a wonderful client of ours for a long time and always has the funkiest eyewear.

She purchased a pair of frames from us in 2004.  As her vision changed over the years she would continue to use the same frame over and over.  It had become her ‘look’.  Eventually (like all of us), she needed progressives and it was impossible to fit them into this frame as the entire B depth was only 17mm.  Not nearly enough room.

So, we re-created it with a larger B depth of 32mm to perfectly fit her new progressives!  Her beloved pair – version 2.0.

Custom & Bespoke Eyewear - Handmade in Vancouver

Palm Husk Bespoke Eyewear

A client from Japan was looking for a large round frame.  She had a specific idea in mind and couldn’t find it anywhere.  So we made it for her!  She has a low, minimal bridge and so when we designed this shape I was able to position the bridge lower in the frame allowing the frame to sit higher on her face.  I also added on a custom acetate bridge on the backside, eliminating the need for nosepads.

After nailing down a shape, we got to talking about the material and color.  She wanted something to reflect her time here in Vancouver.

I had some husk from one of the palm trees in English Bay kicking around.  I was going to use it in a project and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

A custom frame with a custom fit.