Train with Sara Moshurchak

For those in the optical biz

Give your clients an experience that will wow them.  Solve their on-going wear-and-tear issues and offer special add-ons and customisations your competition can’t.  Sara will provide personalised training sessions that will create more value for your clients.  She will teach you a series of skills you need to give your clients the best fit possible.

Sara Moshurchak

About Sara

A Regina, Saskatchewan native, Sara moved to Vancouver in 1998 and enrolled at Douglas College in the Optician program, with dreams of pursuing a career that allowed her to express herself creatively and work with her hands.

In 2001, Sara began working and apprenticing at Granville EYELAND Framemakers, a 20 year old company making 100% borne, bred, designed, and crafted eyewear in Canada.  In 2008, Sara purchased EYELAND and, in turn, became one of three female framemakers in the world to be personally handcrafting eyeglass frames.  Using her knowledge and skills, she created the brand MOSHdesigns: the sole true, entirely hand-made eyewear line produced in Canada.

Making eyewear is made up of a minimum of 18 steps (custom pieces have even more).  Most of these steps are actually individual repairs and modifications that can be offered as services to your clients!

Train with Sara Moshurchak
Train with Sara Moshurchak
Train with Sara Moshurchak
Train with Sara Moshurchak


You will learn all of the skills needed.

Tailor your own session:  You choose what you want to learn.

Sessions are offered in our studio, at your practice, through Skype or Google Hangout.

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